How To Enter an Award

The Assegai Award entries will be done completely online.

All it takes is 4 easy steps. See below:

1. Go to the Award Categories & Entry Forms page. Here you will be able to view all the awards categories per section.Your entry form needs to cover the strategy, creative and return on investment elements of your campaign. All you need to do is put that information into a Word or pdf document with your entry title and category for which you are entering. That’s it! The only restriction to this blank canvas entry form is that it may not exceed three pages. Entries will not be judged if it is longer than three pages.

You have a blank canvas to put down any information and creative elements to motivate why this campaign should win a gold in this category. You may include external links to material that showcases elements of your campaign.

Please use this as a guideline to completing your entry:

Strategy: 30%      

Campaign context, objectives, high level strategy and tactics, media used, target audience.

Creativity: 30%

Big idea and implementation. Where relevant, include design elements and or links to further/other material, including audio-visual, that facilitates in showcasing the creative aspects of your campaign.

Return on Investment: 40%

Budget and results information.

2. Fill in the entry forms at your own leisure. Please take some time to prepare your entries carefully reading through the various requirements. Add all creative elements into your three page entry form (If a video or any other multi media material needs to be included, submit the link into the  document). There is a 10mb limit on this document.

3. Once the document is complete, go to the Entry Submission page. There you will be prompted on how to download your document. You will need to submit each entry separately, so once you have completed an entry, click on the submissions page again to submit your next entry.

We will then send you an invoice with all the payment details. Payment needs to be received for the entry to be admissible.

If you have any queries please email