To make entering the Assegai Awards as simple and as smooth as possible, we have posted a number of questions you may have on your journey to entering the 18th annual Assegai Awards.  If there is something on your mind that we haven’t addressed, give us a shout at info@assegaiawards.co.za.

  • How do I prepare my entry form?

Your entry form needs to cover the strategy, creative and return on investment elements of your campaign. All you need to do is put that information into a Word or pdf document with your entry title and category for which you are entering. That’s it! The only restriction to this blank canvas entry form is that it may not exceed three pages. Entries will not be judged if it is longer than three pages.

  • How do I submit the creatives of my campaign?

Include all your creative work into your three-page entry form or include a link in your form to the material showcasing your campaign. Or do both!

  • How do I submit my entry?

Once you have completed the Word or pdf document explaining why you should win an Assegai Award, which you can do offline at your own convenience, go to the submissions page (http://assegaiawards.co.za/awards-submissions/) and upload your Word/pdf document. On the submissions page, you will be required to fill in a few specific details about your campaign (such as contact details and contributing agencies). Repeat this simple/the same process for each entry.

  • Can I enter one campaign into multiple categories?

You can enter campaigns into any appropriate category. There is no limit to the number of categories into which any one campaign can be entered.

  • What are the judging criteria?

For Sections A, B, C and E each campaign is judged on three metrics:

  1. Strategy – weighted 30%
  2. Creativity – weighted 30%
  3. Return on Investment (ROI) – weighted 40%

Section D: Most Effective Use of Content, Branded Content and Art Direction have the following weightings:

  1. Strategy – weighted 30%
  2. Creativity – weighted 50%
  3. Return on Investment (ROI) – weighted 20%
  • Should we mention the agency name in the entry form?

To protect the integrity of the judging process, please do not refer to the agency in the entry form. The only (obvious) exception is agency self-promotion campaigns. You will be prompted to submit the agency name on the entry submissions page.

  • What is the campaign eligibility?

Entries must run any time between January 2016 and August 2017, irrespective of the live duration of the campaign.

  • How are the entries judged?

The judging process will be a two-phased approach. The first phase of judging consists of a panel of approximately 40 experienced industry representatives who will critically evaluate all the work submitted. The second phase of the judging will comprise of a hand-picked panel of industry leaders who will evaluate and rank the top performing campaigns selected from the first phase of judging. The depth and experience of both the judging panels ensures that the standard of the Assegai Awards remains a priority, while allowing for work to be critically assessed and appraised.