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Remember when completing your entry form do not place your name or agency branding on the form as all work is judged anonymously.

Relationship Marketing Awards

CRM Programmes

Entries should demonstrate how the CRM programme enhanced the customers’ loyalty, value and involvement with the brand and added reciprocal value i.e. to the individual and company. The programme must be able to prove that it has a positive effect in terms of maintaining or building customer value, pushing the client base on to a higher level of loyalty or shared dialogue – from basic acquisition to the point where the customer becomes an advocate of a product or service. You will need to demonstrate to the judges that you understand the customer’s relationship with the brand and product. (E.g. usage purchase patterns, cross sell, up sell, data richness etc).

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Loyalty Programmes

Communications directed at current users of your brand, normally personalized and with a response mechanism included. The initiative has the objective of increasing knowledge of and involvement in the brand as well as increasing Life-Time Customer Value by measurably increasing each customer’s profit contribution.


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ERM: Employee Relationship Marketing

Entries must be for internally-focused relationship management programmes.  Programmes designed to build relationships with other components in the businesses value chain (e.g. dealers and suppliers) may also be included. Team building initiatives, incentive programmes, employment equity drives, etc. may be entered. Ideally such programmes must be of a long term nature.


Samples of all written collateral or printed material used to launch or maintain the programme.

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Database and Analytics Innovation

This award is given for either an innovative software programme or database solution system which facilitates a specific analytical database function e.g. app / tool / web interface / cloud management system or database cleaning / de-duping solution or an innovative software programme designed to enable a database to achieve defined objectives e.g. segmentation, points scoring for a loyalty programme, analytics etc.


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