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Please note: you can enter multiple awards.
Remember when completing your entry form do not place your name or agency branding on the form as all work is judged anonymously.



Any campaign using three-dimensional elements, hand-delivered or delivered through the post, via courier or alternative means.  The express purpose of which is to solicit a measurable response (lead, order, enquiry, donation, etc.).

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Direct Mail: Addressed and Unaddressed Campaigns

Addressed flat direct mail campaigns posted or couriered to businesses or consumers, including self-mailers, application forms, single mailings or a series of phased mail shots, letters, and so on. Plus un-addressed direct marketing campaigns delivered to households, business premises, post boxes or specific target areas according to demographic and/or geographic requirements. Business or consumer measurable direct response inserts in any unaddressed medium.  Entries may include catalogue, mail, loose or bound-in inserts, wraparounds from any business or consumer publication, or items enclosed in other campaign elements. Please note, however, that campaigns containing 3D elements of any description should be entered into the 3D category or multichannel.


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Direct Response Mass Media: TV, Print, Out-of-Home and Radio

TV & Infomercials: Direct response television advertisements, infomercials and short-form spots, designed to elicit a measurable response in the form of sales orders, leads or retail traffic. Advertisements should include a clear direct response mechanism e.g. telephone number, internet address, retail store database built etc.

Radio: Direct response radio spots or “live reads” containing a strong call to action in the form of a telephone number, internet address or store address which solicits a measurable direct response such as traffic building, enquiries, lead generation and orders will be accepted.

Out of home: Any traditional or electronic signage/campaign designed to measurably drive traffic, generate leads or encourage sales using outdoor or ambient media e.g. outdoor billboards, moving billboards, bus shelters.

Print: Business or consumer off-the-page press or magazine advertisements designed to measurably sell direct, generate enquiries or drive traffic.

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Face to Face Activations / Field Marketing

Field Marketing campaigns involving people distributing, auditing, selling or sampling promotions on the “field”. These activities comprise of face-to-face, personal contact direct marketing. Field marketing includes highly targeted direct selling promotions, merchandising, auditing, sampling and demonstration, organizing road shows, events and mystery shopping.

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Experiential Media

Non-traditional media, including stunts, street teams, flash mobs, direct response events, guerilla marketing, crowd sourcing, outdoor and ambient executions which encourage direct interaction and seek to gain a measurable response.

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Mobile Targeted SMS, MMS

Category Description:

The use of mobile phones in the form of a SMS or MMS, app-push or other mobile/app-based messaging technology (such as Whatsapp) to an targeted recipient base.

Campaign Artwork Document:

Create a PDF document illustrating your work to showcase all angles, creativity and to exhibit your campaign the best possible way. If a video needs to be included, submit the link into the PDF document. Provide sufficient graphics for the judges to make an informed evaluation.

Link to online unbranded agency entry page and campaign visuals.

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Mobile SMS, MMS

The use of mobile phones in the form of a SMS or MMS, app-push or other mobile/app-based messaging technology (such as Whatsapp). Show us your creative campaigns with foundations firmly set in sound business principles, which generated measurable results.

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Mobile Marketing

The use of mobile phones in the form of interactive mobile use. Display, games, banner ads and mobi sites or any other form of mobile communication to solicit direct response or call to action (If SMS and MMS were used its needs to be disclaimed and costed in the ROI section of the form). Rewards Mobile work that seamlessly combines technology and creativity, pushing the boundaries of mobile marketing to reach and engage with consumers and increase business sales and recognition.


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Search Marketing: SEO and PPC

For the best use of search optimization and / or search marketing in generating direct response. Includes natural and paid for.  Online campaigns featured around search optimisation, search marketing or innovative use of display.

For organic search, this could consist of:

  • Optimising the layout and technical build of your digital destination
  • Integrating campaign elements with keywords and key phrases used for search in that particular product or service category
  • Any insights into consumer search behaviour and other customer journey rationale

For PPC, this could consist of:

  • Creativity in managing bids for generic and more specific keywords and key phrases
  • Evidence of separating out the effects of other channels (especially affiliates)
  • Creativity in the way you made PPC work with organic optimisation efforts


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Online Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaigns

Online activity which is designed to create immediate activation and create traffic to your website. Showcase your online creativity – whether its a journey to gaining insight, a sale or a a sign up, show the judges what results can be gained from creating superior online experiences.



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For websites whose main purpose is to sell products or services directly off the site. E-commerce sites must include data collection, billing collection and shipping information. Websites will be judged on overall design, ease of navigation, and extension of main brand and appropriate use of technology.


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Telemarketing: Outbound

Outbound telephone campaigns conducted by own company or third party organization with a view to supporting an integrated campaign or as a stand-alone activity.



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Telemarketing: Inbound

Inbound telephone campaigns conducted by own company or third party organization with a view to supporting an integrated campaign or as a stand-alone activity.


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Social Media (Social Media Platforms)

A campaign, mechanic, application or feature that uses a social media platform (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to create measurable engagement between a brand and its audience.


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A digital destination that provides a superior customer experience that showcases creativity, ease of navigation and most importantly, results. Whether the results are sales, signups, insights or any other business measure the judges will be looking for a website that is designed in a manner that meets its objectives.

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Email Marketing

A piece of communication using email to drive call-to-action either as a standalone piece or comprising of a series of mailers.


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